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CoolerMaster XG650 Platinum Plus 650W A/UK Cable, ARGB, 135MM Silent Fan, 10 Year Warranty

CoolerMaster XG650 Platinum Plus 650W A/UK Cable, ARGB, 135MM Silent Fan, 10 Year Warranty

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Original is Everything
Cooler Master keeps searching for uniqueness, creativity, and more. XG Plus Platinum is the first Cooler Master in-house designed power supply, providing next-level efficiency, rigid design, and sturdy performance to fulfill all your daily computing and gaming needs.

Silence is Platinum
The XG Plus Platinum is Cooler Master’s first in-house designed platform, created to provide rated efficiency and high-end performance. It offers full-modular cabling with in-line capacitors, an ARGB 135mm silent fan, and a 10 year warranty. The built-in Information Display Panel compatible with MasterPlus+ software, can monitor real time performance and manage ARGB effects hassle-free.

Powered by Cooler Master
The XG Plus Platinum marks the culmination of many years of effort and the beginning of a new era for Cooler Master power supply units. This product line debuts the first generation of power supply platform created by Cooler Master in-house. This platform allows Cooler Master to offer an entirely new class of high efficiency products. The use of 100% Japanese capacitors allows this power supply unit to deliver top-shelf performance with reduced ripple noise.

Silence is Platinum
Some power supply units offer great cooling performance. And some offer quiet operation. The XG Plus Platinum offers both. The in-house designed was created so that we could deliver a high quality PSU that could power gaming builds at top of the line performance levels while remaining relatively cool.

ARGB Fans with Digital Side Panel
The XG Plus Platinum ARGB fan with digital display panel can monitor real time performance data, showing fan speed, temperature, power load, and customized ARGB lighting.

Crafted For Excellence
The XG Plus Platinum is created and designed for performance, stability, reliability, lifespan, and so much more. That quality starts with the technology used on the inside. The full-bridge LLC resonant converter and DC-DC technology, made with 100% Japanese capacitors, work together to create a PSU that offers reliable and stable voltage outputs for safer, more reliable performance and higher efficiency while creating minimal noise pollution.

Flat Cables
The XG Plus Platinum is using flat cabling to reduce clutter, which in turn increases both airflow and aesthetic quality.

All in Control
The MasterPlus+ software is Cooler Master's newest innovation for system management. This software provides users the ability to monitor just about every aspect of the XG Plus Platinum's operations in real time. Temperature, fan speed, system load, and so much more.
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